Update 06/09/20


So I recently finished a proper character sheet, that I have been planning for so long now. I hope this new one will prove itself to be easily usable and not too confusing!

Also a few changes and additions that were done to the rulebook:

  • Added NEW character sheet!
  • Added Stars (a method of rewarding players for their creativity)
  • Removed Concentration and Escape Disciplines
  • Renamed Disciplines Precision and Multitasking to Accuracy and Versatility
  • Added new Defect Characteristics
  • Changed Base Stats of the Ypsibon and Quall races
  • Added Lifespans
  • Added Character Backgrounds and Motivations


SAPIENCE Core Rulebook v0.1.7.pdf 3 MB
Sep 06, 2020
SAPIENCE_CharacterSheet_Fillable_v03.pdf 913 kB
Sep 06, 2020

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