A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Lifelust is a game where you collect souls and sell them in exchange for powerups.

Planned Features:

  • New enemies: Werewolf
  • Story Mode


  • WASD / ←↑→↓   =   Move / Select
  • Space / X   =  Action
  • Esc  / P =  Pause



Lifelust0.15.zip 21 MB
Lifelust0.15.tar.gz 32 MB

Development log


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Nice art, music, but I think main character need more frame for attack animation, I see that slash have few frames but like for me 1 frame of character is unnatural, also after 10th way I started boring, the concept of the dealer is cool

Thanks for the feedback =)

Mateus or Mateusz(PL)?

I'm Portuguese not Polish :P

Ooo, I see, thanks :)