Somewhere, far away in the vast ocean, there is a new settlement being formed. People come here, many from faraway lands, some seek peace, others seek religious freedom, some seek asylum, others seek adventure. One thing is certain: they all are taking their shot here in the Isle of Strife, and it's YOU who can make sure they get along... or can you?

This is a submission to Discord Jam #6:

Populate the tiny town of Strife Isle, and place people in homes where they can get peace of mind. It's not an easy task, as their desires, faults and likenesses are but obstacles to trust and peace.

Once the island's total STRIFE level reaches 100, it's Game Over. Try to see how many people you can get together on the same island, and for how long they can stay there before wreaking havoc!

Possible SPOILERS below, don't read this part if you want to discover the game for yourself. This section is to clear up the rules about the game:


  • Click on land to build houses. You can build a house every in-game minute.
  • Drag people to a house to move them in. You can click on a house to see who lives there. You can drag people out of a house by dragging their icon outside.
  • You can click on a person's icon to see their details.
  • Characters will get strife if they are homeless. "Visitors" will show up once every 10 seconds until the island does not have anymore space for them.
  • If a character is undisturbed and comfortable, their STRIFE level will drop slowly.
  • If a character falls in love, and shares a home with that person, their STRIFE level will slowly decrease regardless of other effects.
  • Any other effects based on the details of a character will influence their STRIFE.
  • Characters will become INSANE once their STRIFE level gets to the maximum.
  • If a character is INSANE, they will wreak havoc, in other words, Kill themselves or other people in their vicinity they aren't fond of. This increases total STRIFE.


  • Racist - Hates the presence of people of other races.
  • Sexist - Hates the opposite sex.
  • Romantic - Falls in love quickly.
  • Aromantic - Doesn't fall in love.
  • Antisocial - Gets strife from living in a crowded home (more than 3 people).
  • Lone wolf - Doesn't get strife from isolation.
  • Fanatic - Preaches and spreads their religion.
  • Skeptic - Doesn't get strife from superstitious origins.
  • Creative - Strife doesn't increase above half.


Thanks for playing!

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TagsPixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

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A really interesting game! With antisocial, unless they fall in love you can't win, so it's fun to see how long you can last!


This is a very nice and well-made game. I'm not very fun of this hectic strategy games, so not my cup of tea though.


Enjoyed my time with this! This game can get quite hectic and become quite a challenge. It definitely takes some practice but it can be a rewarding experience! The randomization of each tenant helps keep you on your toes and makes for a dynamic experience each playthrough.

One minor issue I had was the “Game Over” screen has the tendency to disappear quickly because I’ll be clicking all over the place. It would be helpful if there was a delay or some sort of stopper. (EX: Menu choices need to be selected to be returned to the title menu or retry.)

Great job on this!


Thanks so much for the playthrough, that was really fun to watch! :D Your feedback will be very useful!


This is lots of fun! Impressively well balanced, and gets you hooked almost immediately. A great piece of work.

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I wanted to make everybody happy. But this was not an option.

Edit : I lied. Love saved us all.

(1 edit) (+1)

Keeping everyone alive and happy is very difficult. But keeping everyone alive or happy is quite doable.

Edit: as Happytupe mentioned, love saves all. The key is to save the romantics for pairing with the anti-socials. All other traits are much easier to manage.