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Satan is about to finish his second term, and so, to decide the next President of Hell, a Hellection will take place in a few weeks...


Get the most votes to win!

Each candidate has a different base of supporters off the bat.

In the POLLS tab you can see how many sinners are likely to vote for you in each group, as well as the percentage of that group in the total population (this matters and is random everytime!)

In the NEWS tab you can see... well... news. Duh!

During a RALLEY, click on white words to increase public interest, don't click on red words!

During an INTERVIEW, just answer the questions dammit! (if you dodge a question, it will come up again later, when the interviewer runs out of questions she will stop interviewing you)

During a DEBATE, click on the dialogue options to argue against your oponent! Be careful, for everything you say can be used against you!

If a candidate is too far ahead of the race, they are more prone to public SCANDALS!

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Well, I wasnt expecting that haha. Great!