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Love the idea and theme behind this! The art is beautiful.

I was a bit disappointed to realize that there is no "good" ending, since the first thing I thought to try was a run where I only watered the tree without picking from it, or watered it and simply let myself be "robbed" of the fruit when I picked it. I know it's outside the scope of the game, but it would have been neat if doing so eventually unlocked a character who links to a willing community of helpers who share the spoils.

how do I start my tree is just sitting there, dead.

i have 5000 water carriers and 350 aqueducts but for what? it's still taking forever to get biggest tree. i gotta know how big it gets. i gotta. i also gotta know what water intake even means because i have no clue. what are the aqueducts actually doing…?

i now have 10,000 water carriers. i've only been able to water my tree 2-3 over the past 20 minutes.

i left it on for 3 hours and was able to water it three times. anyway, i now have 25k water carriers and the next water costs 90m water. so far i have 45m.


The aqueducts increase the "amount" a water carrier carries.

It adds 1 to that number, so if it says you have 1 water ps, but have 10 aqueducts, you should get 10 water per second.

but the numbers in this game are strange (although it might just be that my pc can't keep up, since it's a bad one.) so it's not entirely true that it's a XxY formula.


why the hell is the music so damn loud even on the lowest volume setting


annoying as fuck that i had to lower my whole chrome volume so low so my zoom classes wouldn't blast my eardrums to smithereens


It took me 10 attempts to get the true ending. Time well spent


I really like the idea of this game, but as many others said the lack of a multi-buy function makes the end of the game grind to a halt. If there's a proper end I don't really want to get to it now because I have to risk carpal tunnel in order to get enough fruit pickers, water carriers, and aqueducts to make it so things don't grind to a halt when I want to next water my tree.


Sounds like you have yet to discover the glory of auto-clickers


and yet so many would say auto-clickers might be cheating


Could you please add either a multi-buy function or a hold-click function for buying units? having to click hundreds of times in the later game gets really uncomfortable


I died 2 times trying to play safe on the second run. Maybe I play it wrong. The game is not too bad


Cute fun and quick!


When I try to play the game, after pressing any button, it stays on what I assume is the starting screen. Is it something on my end or perhaps a glitch?

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You mean you can't play the game at all? What browser are you using?


Chrome, I dunno if that is the problem. Sorry to bother, this game just looks very fun.

You're right. I tried it on Chrome and it doesn't work... I'm so sorry about this. Can you try on another browser like Edge or Opera? I will try to get this fixed, but unfortunately I can't right now because the Jam rating is still going on. Thanks for pointing this out!

I found a fix:

1 - Click on this keylock next to the URL 

2 - Go to the list of cookies

3 - Select this one under "Local Storage" and click delete

4 - Reload the page

I hope this works!


It worked! Thank you so much! You earned a spot on my collection, your the best. I wish you the best in game making in the future. Thank you again!


good, but I lost all my progress when I lost a battle


Because that's one of the endings. I'm sorry that the battles are poorly balanced right now, I will try to fix that in a patch


I had a good time with this game but I wish you could see more progression like when you get a thousand citizens or 100 walls.

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Really neat game!

It would really benefit greatly from some more information for the upgrades. How many fruit per second are growing? How many fruits per second am I picking? 


Thanks :D I'll be doing a patch soon and I'll include that!


Hey there! It's a super cool game! Since you're upgrading it soon it really need some "x10, x100" buttons to help upgrading.